Here at SubZero Comics, we love comics, and love to buy them. If you're interested in selling your comics or related collectibles, here's some useful information.

What do we buy?

- Personal comic book collections (from the 1930s - Current)
- Old comic store Inventory 
- Single "key" comics
- Graded single issues
- Graphic novels
- Toys (new or old)
- Comic statues (Bowen, Sideshow, DC Direct, etc)
- Comic book artwork
- Pro wrestling memorabilia
- Video Games (new and old)
- Cards (Pokemon, Magic, sports, etc)
- Funko Pop vinyl 
- Legos (vintage or new)
- Sports Memorabilia 

What are we most interested in?

Anything related to comic books! Older comics are great, but we love newer comics as well (unlike most other dealers). The only preference with comics from the 1980s and up is that they are sold at least 1,000 comics at a time, but these might not be necessary depending on the collection.

Where do we travel?

We cover most of the USA and can travel to almost any state depending on the size of the collection. Not sure if we would be interested in traveling to you? Give us a call. We might be interested!!

Why should you sell to us? 

We pay top dollar, and can be anywhere in the northeast very quickly (usually within a day!). We offer very competitive prices. Most other dealers will buy only comics from the 1970s and older, but we buy them all! In most cases, we also travel to you, and pay you on the spot for your comics or collectibles. 

Most other guys have very little knowledge about what people are selling and will pay you pennies for something that is worth $1 or $10,000. We will give a fair and honest appraisal on your item(s) before any money exchanges hands!!

Many people in the past have sold to us, because they value our honesty, courtesy and straightforwardness. 

We notice that some people become overwhelmed with comics or other collectibles and sometimes they may need help. If this is the case with you, give us a call. We'll help you with any information you need, free of charge and hassle free. 

Acquired a new collection of comics or other collectibles? 

Give us a call, and we can give a fair, friendly, and most importantly FREE appraisal and tell you exactly what you should be able to get for your collection. 

Have any questions or interested in selling any of your collectibles? Please give us a call 7 days a week at 973-931-1471 or email us at by filling out the form below.